The Future is here (Dr. Oualid Ali)

Global Futurist, Foresight strategist, Technologist, Innovator, Exponential Technology evangelist (expert), Trends and Tech watcher, Smart (Future) Cities Expert (strategist and futurist (technology and innovation)), Industrial Revolution 4.0 expert, Digital innovation Expert, Digital Transformation Expert, Industry 4.0 and 5.0 Expert, Singularity expert, Global speaker, Social Media influencer, Author, and world traveler.

My fields of Expertise

These are few of my fields of expertise.
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Future and strategic foresight

As a futurist, I have a great expertise in designing the future and managing foresights. I'm keeping an eye on the future, I'm accelerating it and I'm bringing it to NOW. Visit our future platform

Technologies and innovation

Since many years I was working on technologies (mainly the digital ones) as well as innovation, open innovation, digital innovation and Design thinking. Visit our future platform

Trends watching

I watch the future trends, either technological or non-technological ones. I have done a great design of the future mega-trends which will face the world up to the year 2050. Visit our future platform

Future (Smart) cities and urban innovation

The Future is in cities. in 2050, 75% of the people will be leaving in cities. The future cities should be tech-driven and people-centric. Visit our future platform

Industrial Revolution 4.0

We are living in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 where many technologies, innovations and fields are combined together. The Future belong to who are faster. (see IRs history)

Other services

I'm also expert in other fields such as the Technological singularity, the Entrepreneurship and SME (Small MEdium Enterprises, as well as many verticals of Future (Smart cities), etc.

About Dr. Oualid Ali:

Dr. Oualid Ali is considered as one of the international well-recognized expert in the fields of Future foresight, Trends watching, technologies & innovation, Industrial Revolution 4.0, Future cities (Smart, Sustainable and innovative Cities), etc. He has participated in several projects related to these fields as a researcher, consultant, or trainer. Specifically, within the field of Smart cities, he has been involved in the planning and implementation of several future cities projects in various verticals such as “Smart mobility, Smart Education, Smart tourism, Smart energy, Smart health, Smart logistics, Smart waste management, Smart water management, Smart security, Smart policing, Smart buildings & Infrastructure, etc.” to mention few. He has given several training and seminars related to these fields. Dr. Oualid is a member of several organizations related to the area of Future and Smart Cities or Urban technologies. As a global speaker and world traveler, he has been invited, as keynote or guest speaker, to several local, regional and international events. Dr. Oualid is the Founder and President of the ecosystem platform ( with members from the quadruple helix: government (cities), industry, academia and civic society and The Founder and CEO of the Future platform (http://www.Future-is-here,co). Currently, he is the Director of the Training and smart solutions Center (TSSC) at the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech For more information about Dr. Oualid please visit his website

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Some videos

Please find here the lastest video that has been developped by the SmartCityEvent team in the Hague. In this video, I talk about the Future (which will be definitely in Cities) that should be Technology-driven and Citizen-centric. Enjoy the video

My events (for GUEST or KEYNOTE speaking ONLY)

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My services

I offer the following services:


Professional Consultant

I can do consultancy within the fields of my expertise.

Training and capacity building

professional trainer

I can deliver training sessions within my fields of expertise.

Events organisation & management, digital marketing and media

Organiser Conferences, Forum, etc.

I can support in events organisation and management.


Global sepaker

I can speak in many events: Conferences, forums, seminars, etc.

  • "Oualid is the encyclopaedist of the smart cities. All the information he gathered on various cities and on technologies used to improve efficiency, resilience, attractiveness and quality of life in smart territories make him one of the best knowledgable people in this field of activity."

    Gilles Betis, CEO and Founder of OrbiCité

  • "Dr. Oualid is a great colleague and person, always looking forward and watching what is going on for a better future world"

    Prof. Nabil El Khadhi, Vice Chancellor of the University of Buraimi

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